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Life veers out of balance some times as our careers and jobs change, partnerships and marriages falter, our kids try undesirable behaviors or simply grow up and leave home.  The most difficult challenges tend to center around work and relationships, and unravelling them with an impartial observer/listener can efficiently put you back in balance with your own unique and satisfying solutions, new perspective and a sense of direction that allows you to move forward with ease and grace.

My qualifications for being a highly effective coach are established in my background. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Oregon in the exciting ’60s and certified in coach training from the outstanding Newfield Network in 2011. Between those mileposts I’ve

  • Co-owned and managed Healing Leaders, a successful leadership training business,
  • Served on the advisory board for Sacred Money Studios and Prosperity Pie Shoppe
  • Led clients through personal financial planning in Oregon,
  • Co-created and managed financing for a Colorado irrigation pipeline project,
  • By phone with customers across the US, talked clients through successfully installing their own satellite dishes and commodities trading programs,
  • Trained clients to effectively use their commodities trading software,
  • Sold software and mid-size phone systems in Illinois,
  • Served as Board Member for the Oregon Repertory Singers,
  • Executive-Produced an Oregon Repertory Singers CD,
  • Earned a Master-level designation in Reiki,
  • Led a volunteer arts appreciation program in an Illinois primary school,
  • Farmed stone fruits and alfalfa in Colorado,
  • Taught Spanish to 8th graders in California.

Having navigated the inevitable life roles of child and student, and the not-so-inevitable international traveler, spouse, single parent, employee and business owner I’m able to listen deeply and guide effectively with the perspective of experience and empathy. With that caring and insightful support my clients are able to successfully uncover what wants to emerge next in their lives and consciously develop the next stages of their journeys.


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